Breech Presentation  

Breech turning - 70% effective between 34- 36 weeks, 

This session includes Acupuncture and moxa treatment, you should feel confident about how to administer moxa and get the best results at home after then session.  While it's more likely that the turning of your baby will happen at home at night-time when you are resting comfortably for a long period as opposed to relaxing on the plinth while I am doing the moxa, you may  experience quite a few kicks from baby during the session and need to sit and relax for a few moments afterwards. 

If your baby in Breech presentation and it's after 36 weeks please do get in touch. It's never too late, please also speak with an Osteopath and your HealthCare practicioner/GP.

Note - this treatment does not induce labour.

This treatment is suitable for single pregnancies. 

Your moxa stick and information leaflet supplied.