Cosmetic Acupuncture

what's it good for? 

It's good for bringing out a person's inate beauty, radiance and slows the aging process. 

It increases the elasticity of the skin, promotes excretion of carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the skin and increases oxygen. 

Reduces Frown lines.

Reducing stress evident in the face

Eliminates puffiness.

Eliminates fine lines and  has a dimishing the effect of larger wrinkles, Reduces a double chin.

Helps lift drooping eyelids and brightens the eyes. 

Improves hormonal balance and hormonal acne. 

Reduces scar lines. 

Treats Bell's Palsy

How I got into it

As a child I used to massage my mother's feet - sometimes reluctantly!! I discovered the power of an energy exchange and learnt to be humble and kind. Throughtout my 20's I dabled in various massage and healing courses and became very interested in the impact healthy food and exercise has on not just our bodies but on our face. I suffered with Acne myself but just on one side of my face which I knew was caused not by hormones alone but by energetic imbalances. After 15 years in the Corporate world I decided to train with CNM as a Naturopath and Acupuncturist and was inspired by our lecturers Deirdre, Eunice and Amanda on how they used Cosmetic Acpuncture so skillfully so I decided to train in it myself. I have done specialist trained with Hung Tsui Ying and Shanghai College in Dublin. I am also a Natural' Face-Lift ' Massage Therapist - this is an Ayurvedic Face Treatment which I often integrate in to sessions where possible to prolong the effects of the Acupuncture. 

Sessions will include Body points to ground the client, decrease the likelihood any pain sensation to and balance the flow of Qi.  Initial Sessions cost 90e and a course of  10 is recommended. Follow up sessions cost 65e- 75e.