Infertility - Male Factor

I recently attended Male Infertility course with Jill Glover -  hosted by ACT Dublin 

The point that really hit home with me was that male infertility is not a side issue - in fact, in 30% of the cases of infertility the pathology is in the male.  

Testing for male infertility is very easy .

What's assessed is volume, motility vitality and morphology. Morphology means the percentage of sperm that look normal microscopically. Abnormal sperm may have a crocked head making it difficult to penetrate the ova, or they may have tail defects making it difficult for the to swim. 

In general, sperm volume is on the decrease, meaning that normal ranges in 1992 were higher than the ranges today. 

Why is this?

Causes of low volume can include the following

overuse of caffeine, overwork, working in a cold environment, 

too much exercise/excessive biking

tight underwear

overuse of laptops resting on the testes area. 

too few ejaculations. 

exposure to environmental toxins

increased age of fathers

What can improve sperm quality?

Regular Acupuncture improves sperm count and libido

Increased intake of fish, fruit and veg improves sperm morphology.

keep a BMI of 20-25

Try cordyceps mushrooms to increase sperm quality and physical endurance

A 2004 study in the journal of fertility and sterility found that 200 mg daily of CoQ10 has been known to increase sperm motility.

Keep the testes cool - no phones in pockets, no laptops on labs and no sauna's.

Cannabis use is associated with poor sperm morphology.

Acupuncture treatment reduces scrotal temperature.

Antioxidants VIt C & E plus Zinc and Selenium are effective in improving sperm quality

Cessation of smoking increases sperm count by 50- 80%





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