Pregnancy Acupuncture


Research shows that just 3-4 pre-birth treatments can help reduce the need for medical intervention, inductions and Caesarean section.


Acupuncture offers women the choice of drug free treatment and can be successfully used for the treatment of a wide range of conditions for example Exhaustion, Nausea, Dizziness, High BP, Insomnia  sinusitis, cystitis, coughs and colds, headaches and stress related symptoms.   It will also help to alleviate pregnancy related swelling of  the hands and feet and heartburn.

Emotional Wellbeing 

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for irritability, anxiety and depression.

Other physical issue you might be facing at this stage include Sciatica, sore back, breathlessness, the return of nausea, spd, pelvic pain, digestive issues.  Acupuncture will also help the baby to engage and the application of moxa is successful in helping baby to turn from Breach position to head down. 

Breech Presentation   Breech turning - 70% effective between 34- 36 weeks,  moxa stick and information leaflet supplied.

If your baby in Breech presentation and it's after 36 weeks please still do get in touch. 

 Pre-birth Preparation From 37 weeks on we can use Acupuncture to ripen or soften the cervix and mentally prepair you for labour
From 36 weeks we also recommend a weekly Acupuncture session to prepare you for birth. From 40 weeks onwards we can do Acupuncture to help to Bring it on .   If you are overdue you may need more than one session.

Acupuncture Labour Preparation

From 40 weeks onwards we can carry out labour preparation Acupuncture.   If you are overdue you may require more than one session.

Specific points are used to stimulate and strengthen uterine contractions, promote proper fetus positioning and encourage the downward movement of Qi (energy) which can bring on labour.

All published studies have shown acupuncture to be safe for both mother and fetus when applied by a qualified practitioner.  

It is well understood that acupuncture helps to increase endorphin release. Acupuncture in labour helps the mother to remain calmer and more focused, increasing her body’s capacity to produce endorphins and bringing a greater capacity to cope with the labour pain.

Post-Natal Acupuncture  A particular treatment, known as “Mother Warming” is a wonderful treatment administered around day 4-5 after birth. Following on from that come in as soon as you are feeling able or home visits can be arranged post-natally.  I often see women for post-natal massage and Acupuncture combination sessions after 6 weeks. This is a good time to get relief from muscular tension around the shoulder area and some tlc around the hip area and feet/legs which may have suffered from pre-natal swelling. 

What people are saying:

" Hi Emer, baby Georgia arrived last night. Thanks for  the sessions, no doubt they helped"

" Hi Emer, I just wanted to let you know that my 12 weeks scan went well so I keep going without any symptoms, but knowing my little one is good and moving all over the place:) Thank you for taking care of me for the past few months" Clara


“ Hi Emer, So some of your Indian Zen must have transferred to me as I got a positive test! yay! I am so excited and nervous all togehter. “ M.
thinking about my how lucky I am to have a lovely job and family while on a journey in India

thinking about my how lucky I am to have a lovely job and family while on a journey in India