Acupuncture is widely recognised as being extremely helpful for the treatment of  a range of conditions from insomnia, back-ache, sciatica, low energy, depression, anxiety, headaches and women's health.  Women's Health encompasses Pregnancy, Fertility, Infertility, Menstrual Cycle, Menopausal and Mental/Emotional.  


Moxabustion is a warm smoke therapy that helps to heat and energy and move pain and stagnation out of the body. It is made from a herb called Mugwort. It is a very therapeutic and relaxing therapy and can be used as an adjunct to both acupuncture and massage. 


Cupping Therapy may involve the use of fire cupping techniques or modern suction cups. It is excellent in the case of pain - sore shoulders for example or tight back muscles and to strengthen the lungs in the case of asthma.