Happy Clients


Chest Infections - Tara Hipwell   I had two sessions of acupuncture with Emer very recently as I could feel a chest infection starting. I would expect to be on anti-biotics by now but so far so good and no trip to the doctor! Thanks a million.  



Roughly 2 years ago I met Emer and started my journey with acupuncture, I had been through a rough time having been diagnosed with PTSD following a car accident and then suffering a miscarriage which all led to extreme anxiety . Myself and my partner were on a journey to try conceive again but I knew I needed to deal with my anxiety and that's what led me to try accupuncture. I regularly attended with Emer and along with a few sessions of CBT I got my anxiety in check, both helped me to make some positive changes to my life. Once I felt back to myself my journey to conceive began unfortunately it was not as simple as I hoped.. following a trial on Clomid I then went to start the IVF process all the while I was still having accupuncture, Emer advised on diet and supplements and also how to take care of myself to encourage conception. I regularly attended with Emer because it was my hour to look after myself and bring myself "together" as well as help with conceiving. Roll on to Christmas 2017 and just before I was to begin the IVF process I found out I was pregnant. During the 9 months I kept attending accupuncture because it kept me centred but also the support from Emer reduced my worry and fear of miscarrying ... emotionally I was in a fantastic place again due to my accupuncture and finally having baby Fionàn!! I've mentally been in a great place afterwards. I cannot recommend Emer and accupuncture enough... I'm throughly grateful to Emer and I couldn't have shared this whole experience with anyone better. 🥀 Forever grateful Emer L.

   IVF - Diane  “I am going through my 3rd IVF (frozen cycle) and decided to try acupuncture this time. I am still waiting for the results and hoping for the best. The most unpleasant moment for me is to go with your full bladder for embryo transfer and I am usually very stressed and shaking during the transfer. When I did pre-transfer acupuncture with Emer my stress level reduced to zero and transfer was much easier (no shaking at all), I was able to relax. I will definitely go again for pre and post transfer acupuncture as it does help to relax during the procedure and after”.  

.....Hello Emer, Al arrived on Monday night at 21:30, after induction at 10am that morning.  He's fab and we're in love with him. Labour was quick to come and tough through to delivery. But delivery was short enough and no major trauma apart from a few 'below'tears. Am sure your skills played a big role in all of the above, so thank you for everything! I met a woman who was induced at the same time as me, still having Labour pains as I was wheeled to my room at midnight with Al. I'm glad we took the week to try everything. Chat Soon. R. x


I started going to Emer in 2016 for fertility accupuncture after my partner and I had failed to have a successful pregnancy after 2 years. Emer was very sensitive to our situation and kept in regular contact with us between sessions to see how we were getting on. After nearly 4 months of regular visits we were delighted to find out that I was pregnant! We now have a beautiful, healthy 5 week old boy � Thank you Emer for helping us on our journey to become parents. Orla and Simon x


Magdalena Szpilka, I came to Emer  for the whole body massage as I needed to deeply relax my body. I had massage with her before so I knew that she delivers massage the way I love it. In any body treatment I need facilitator who takes care of my physical body in a very gentle, caring and nurturing way and Emer is exactly that person. She has an amazing ability to make me feel safe and comfortable which allows me to open up and release the tension. She is very attuned to the person and her touch is so healing. I felt blissful peace and calmness after each massage with her.


Acupucture and Energy Work for Muscular Pain Hi Emer,Thanks again for seeing me so early today, you are a very special person with an amazing gift to treat,inspire and care for your patients. D. Palmer Wicklow

Emma O'TooleI went to see Emer today with a problem with the left side of my neck and shoulder. She concentrated on energy flowing through the body as she kneads and releases tight muscles. I have to say, the freedom in my shoulders now is amazing. I highly recommend her. Thank you Emer.

YoeJin KimI had a sore throat a few weeks ago. And she gave me a acupuncture. It worked very well. It was amazing:):) Thank u so much!!!!:D

Naturopathy - Psoriasis Sufferer - Tanya HigginsI have had Psoriasis since I was 17 (now 40). After trying everything I can think of to help it, it always resulted in medical creams and ointments which only masked the problems. It always came back!I took a chance to try a holistic approach and that’s when I met Emer. She was very helpful and understanding of my condition. Knowing there was no cure or overnight results, I was open to any possibility.Introducing specific supplements and the increase of specific foods into my diet was slow but progressive. The massages were big bonus to help relax.

Part of the treatment was to try the Candida Diet for six weeks. This proved to be very tough but I kept focusing on the end result. Cleansing my body of unwanted and unnecessary toxins was a huge key to my success.This was such a massive learning curve for me and the support I received from Emer was fantastic.After the diet, I continued with the supplements we discussed throughout the treatment. My skin was improving daily. I was so amazed. A year later I do get the odd flare up but my skin has never been as bad as it was when I first saw Emer.


Siobhan Richardson- Back and Shoulder Pain I have been going to Emer because I suffer with my back and shoulders from my job and I have found great relief. She is amazing and I would highly recommend her. So glad I found her.