Psoriasis Suffer - Tanya Higgins

I have had Psoriasis since I was 17 (now 40). After trying everything I can think of to help it, it always resulted in medical creams and ointments which only masked the problems. It always came back!

I took a chance to try a holistic approach and that’s when I met Emer. She was very helpful and understanding of my condition. Knowing there was no cure or overnight results, I was open to any possibility.

Introducing specific supplements and the increase of specific foods into my diet was slow but progressive. The massages were big bonus to help relax.

Part of the treatment was to try the Candida Diet for six weeks. This proved to be very tough but I kept focusing on the end result. Cleansing my body of unwanted and unnecessary toxins was a huge key to my success.

This was such a massive learning curve for me and the support I received from Emer was fantastic.

After the diet, I continued with the supplements we discussed throughout the treatment. My skin was improving daily. I was so amazed. A year later I do get the odd flare up but my skin has never been as bad as it was when I first saw Emer.

Healing Massage

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